“I am dedicated to guiding our team at Macon Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, ensuring compassionate care remains consistent while actively serving our community’s most vulnerable members.”

Jason Belue



Jason Belue brings a diverse background and a compassionate leadership style to his role as Administrator at Macon Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. His journey into healthcare leadership began with a foundation of service and dedication. After serving in the Marine Corps following high school, he pursued a career in Radiography as an Interventional Radiography Tech. However, Jason felt drawn to a more hands-on approach to care, leading him to become a licensed Massage Therapist. For 14 years, he dedicated himself to caring for clients, particularly the elderly, in an orthopedic office setting. It was during this time that Jason developed a deep appreciation for working with older adults and witnessed firsthand the importance of quality care in their lives. Driven by a desire to advocate for the elderly and ensure they receive the best possible care, Jason made a late-career transition into healthcare administration. Inspired by his mother, who retired as a nurse manager after 40 years of service, Jason pursued a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degree from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019. Following his education, he sought an Administrator-in-Training (AIT) position, completing his training in Craig, Colorado, in 2022. In his role as Administrator, Jason leads a diverse team dedicated to providing care with kindness in a nurturing environment.

“I am deeply committed to the well-being of our residents, ensuring that every individual at Macon Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center receives the highest quality of care, attention, and that their personal goals are met.”

Cindy Dunn


Director of Nursing

Cindy Dunn, RN, DON, embodies a nurturing spirit and a deep commitment in her role as Director of Nursing at Macon Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. Guided by a desire to assist others, Cindy entered the nursing profession with a compassionate heart. Graduating as an RN in 2006, she found her calling in long-term care, where she embraced both the joys and challenges of the field. Serving as a mentor, Cindy takes pride in nurturing the growth and development of her nursing staff, fostering an environment of encouragement and support. After discovering the welcoming community of Franklin as a travel nurse, Cindy decided to make it her family’s home. As Director of Nursing, she provides compassionate care while cultivating a culture of empathy and respect for residents and staff alike.

“I am dedicated to providing compassionate guidance and support during transitions, ensuring individuals feel empowered and valued throughout their journey.”

Catherine Green

Admissions Director

Catherine Green brings over seven years of dedicated service to Macon Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center as the Admissions Director. In this capacity, Catherine serves as the primary point of contact for new residents and their families, guiding them through the transition process with compassion and expertise while alleviating administrative burdens. Her deep-rooted connection to Macon Valley stems from her genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of those she serves. In addition to her responsibilities at Macon Valley, Catherine is a certified NCEMT and Basic Life Support instructor. Furthermore, as the Admissions Director, Catherine plays a vital role in coordinating with local hospitals to ensure seamless transitions and continuity of care for new residents. Her close collaboration with these institutions guarantees a smooth transition for residents in need of additional care before returning home or requiring long-term solutions.

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